Services Costs

The core operates on a charge back mechanism to the investigator's research projects. The costs vary based on the comprehensiveness of the analysis to be performed. Please review the service request decision tree on the Analytical Services page to help you plan the lipidomic analysis required for your research. Charges provided below are only for estimation of the costs of analysis. Final cost estimation will be provided to the investigator after submission of service request.

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All users must acknowledge NIH grant support for the Lipidomics core in their publications with the following text:

This study was supported in part by National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health Grant S10RR027926.

Service Cost: A summary of costs for services are available here.

(The rates provided are for estimation by academic and other non-profit research organizations only. Actual analytical details and costs will be known only after extensive consultation with the core personnel).

Sample Preparation

  • Liquid samples (e.g. plasma, urine, tissue culture media, etc.): $43.60/sample
  • Solid tissue samples: $58.26/sample (The sample prep includes homogenization of tissue, if necessary, extraction, evaporation, reconstitution, filtration, and readying for LC-MS analysis. Protein measurement for normalization of the lipidomic data can also be requested for additional charge.)

Quantitative LC-MS analysis (Targeted analysis of known lipids)

  • For each class of analytes*: $48.62/sample
  •  For two or more classes of similar analytes**: $66.17/sample (The costs include data analysis for 24 samples or less. Larger sample batch data analyses are charged at $97.05 per batches of 24 or less.)

*Each class is defined by their structural similarity and/or by their chromatographic profile similarity for analytical purposes. Classes of lipids described here are limited and examples only. Please refer to for a complete listing of lipid classes.

** Multiple classes of lipids that can be analyzed together. E.g. Analyses to include primary prostaglandins, leukotrienes, epoxides, and HETEs derived from arachidonic acid. However, certain classes of lipids cannot be analyzed together due to vastly different chromatographic properties (e.g. glycerolipids and sphingolipids or prostaglandins and glycerophospholipids) and have to be treated as different samples for extraction and analytical purposes.)

Examples of lipid analyses that have to be treated as a separate sample for cost estimation:

A. Fatty acyl lipids:

Each group of metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids, e.g. hydroxy, hydroperoxy, epoxy, and keto fatty acids, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, resolvins, etc., are considered separate classes for analysis. (Fatty acids, e.g. Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Arachidonic acid, etc., are not part of this group. See below for Fatty acid analysis by LC-MS.)

B. Glycerophospholipids:

1. Phosphatidylcholines, 2. Phosphatidylserines, 3. Phosphatidylethanolamines, 4. Phosphatidylglycerols, 5. Phosphatidic acids, 6. Phosphatidylinositols, etc. (For each class, lyso species are considered as a separate class)

C. Glycerolipids:

1. Triacyl glycerols, 2. Diacyl glycerols, 3. Monoacyl glycerols, etc.

D. Sphingolipids:

1. Sphingoid bases, 2. Ceramides, 3. Sphingomyelins, 4. Ceramide phosphates, etc.

E. Sterol lipids:

1. Sterols, 2. Sterol esters, 3. Steroidal hormones, etc.

LC-MS method development

  • Personnel time: $97.05/h†
  • Instrument time (NIH funded research††): $39/h
  • Instrument time (All other funded research): $61/h
  • Plus Cost of standards from commercial vendors and any special HPLC columns required.

†Minimum of 8 h charged for each method development. Additional hours are at the hourly in one hour increments.
††ONLY if charged to NIH grants

Qualitative analysis

Non-targeted analysis (identification of unknown lipid molecules) and profiling of lipids at the system level.

  • Personnel time: $97.05/h
  • Additional charges for instrumental analysis per sample: $242.64
  • Plus Sample preparation and method development costs as required.

Fatty acid analysis by LC-MS

  • Free fatty acid sample preparation: $55.70/sample
  • Total fatty acid sample preparation: $60.50/sample
  • Fatty acid LC-MS analysis: $48.62/sample